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Employers and hiring managers have requested that students use a specific resume and cover letter format when applying to coop and internship job A cover letter is your chance to show enthusiasm for a particular job position and a complementary marketing document to your resume.

Like the resume, a cover letter should stand out, be easily readable, relevant and avoid any spelling mistakes! SAMPLE COVER LETTER FOR COOP 485 Donald Street Ottawa, ON K1K 1L8 September 4, 2003 Mr. Jason Specht WINNERS 6875 Bank Street Ottawa, ON K1V 3L7 Dear Mr. Specht: I am currently enrolled at the Ottawa Technical Learning Centre in the CoOperative CoOp Placement Cover Letter Cooperative Education& Career Services Toggle navigation.

Home; Students& Alumni. Search Jobs; Write Your Cover Letters. What Is A Cover Letter? The cover letter is an introduction to you and your unique combination of skills, knowledge, and abilities as they relate to the job. In this article, we provide you with sample NYC coop professional, personal, employer and landlord reference letters. We also offer some additional information, The suggested length of a board package reference letter is anywhere between three paragraphs to a page and a half.

How to Compose Your Cover Letter and Resume. Section 1: Cover Letter Tips. Section 2: Sample Coop Cover Letter Use this as a sample: DO NOT COPY your cover letter needs to be unique 12 ABC Street Utilize EKU's Center for Career& Coop for help with resume and cover letter critiques and personalized feedback. Schedule your resume& cover letter review through your Handshake Account. Inside Look You may find yourself composing cover letters, thank you notes, networking correspondence, acceptance, withdrawal, or rejection letters, or providing professional references.

Purpose of a Cover Letter. and I want a job. ) Suggest the kind of activity you would like to be involved in (coop or fulltime). Give a bit of background