Appearances can be deceptive essay

In the novel Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare, the idea that appearances can be deceptive is presented as a major theme throughout the play.

It is first introduced by the witches. Later on, it is presented through Macbeth himself, and also Lady Macbeth. Appearances can be Deceptive Meeting people for the first time we always tend on making a judgment based on their appearances. Appearances are really deceptive, The shimmering surface of a lake glowing in the evening sun, may inspire and be liked by us with its beauty.

But hidden beneath its surface may be lying an ugly blanket of toxic One can't find the real worth of any one just by seeing his external appearances. Not all who looks decent outside are decent inside too.

One should be judged only by their characters and not by their outward appearance. Below is an essay on" Appearances Can Be Deceptive" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Oh, LEE clothes, Vibe trousers and Gucci Glasses! ! We as teenagers are we often are unable to look past appearances. Appearances Can Be Deceiving ENG 4U Student# : 7076 Period 4 October 22, 2002 M. Lafleur In 1808, Sir Walter Scott penned, " O, what a tangled web we weaveWhen first we practise to deceive!

" (Marmion 6. 17) In life, people often lie Appearances can be deceptive essay use people in order to preserve an ideal selfimage or to get what they want. There is an old adage all that glitters is not gold. Gold is bright yellow metal and very valuable. But there are many worthless things looking equally bright yellow. We should not therefore, think that a thing is gold is simply because it is bright yellow. So, the proverb teaches us that we should not judge things by their outward appearances.

2. appearances are deceptive Meeting people for the first time we always make a judgment based on their appearances though the proverb tells us not to make such a mistake. Appearances are really deceptive; it's like a wrap of a sweet. Appearances Can Be Deceptive on cricket players on basis of colour.

It is rightly said, Appearances can be deceptive Why people judge by outside looks?