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Moon landing photographs are the main argument for the Apollo conspiracy believers, as there are hundreds of moon photographs that have mistakes on them, for example different shadow directions.

Because of these mistakes the photos are believed fake by the conspiracy followers. Free Essay: Moon Landing Hoax John F. Kennedy once said, " No nation which expects to be the leader of other nations can expect to stay behind in this The Dark Side of the Moon Landing The Final Frontier In 1969, The United States successfully sent the first manned mission to the moon. It was a long time coming, a product of the Cold Wars Space Race.

The day was July 20, 1969 and the first human had walked on the moon. During the cold war era ( ) the United States pumped billions of dollars into its NASA program with the sole goal of landing on the moon. Free Essays 1583 words (4. 5 pages) Preview The Dade Massacre: Florida Memory Treaties associated with Paynes Landing and Fort Gibson in 1832, under the Andrew Jackson administration were written, to remove Seminole Indians out of Florida to the Westside of the Mississippi River.

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Conclusion. After considering the process that surrounded the moon landing and the contrary points of views, it seems to me that the weight of the facts of American arrival on the moon are far more acceptable than the various details proposed by the backers of the conspiracy theory.

Essay on Neil Armstrong Trip to the Moon. considered for the important role of being the first American on the moon. Then in January of 1969 Neil Armstrong was picked to be the commander for Apollo 11, the first landing mission.

Moon Landing Essay Sample The history of humankind has seen an enormous set of discoveries, breakthroughs and drastic changes that made the line of human development change its direction and move in a completely different way.