Essay on capital market in india

The capital market in India is rightly termed as an emerging and promising capital market. The buoyancy in the capital market has appeared as a result of increasing industrialization, growing awareness globalization of the capital market, etc. The capital market is a market which deals in longterm loans.

It supplies industry with fixed and working capital and finances mediumterm and longterm borrowings of the central, state and local governments. The capital market deals in ordinary stock are shares and debentures of corporations, and Capital market is the life blood of any economy through which the savings of the society are channelised for industrial, commercial and public Essay on capital market in india. Efficient capital market is an essential prerequisite for economic development of a country.

Definition: Capital market is a market where buyers and sellers engage in trade of financial securities like bonds, stocks, etc.

The buyingselling is undertaken by participants such as individuals and institutions. How RFL can successfully subsidize their market in Tripura India.

Methodology Secondary data has been collected from the internet, as primary data is unavailable. Some books are also been used to review the literature.

Literature review Chapter 1. Value creation of RFL: Figure1 RFL must also focus on the value creation activities Composition of Indian capital market: Capital market is the market for long term funds, just as the money market is the market for short term funds.

It refers to all the facilities and the institutional arrangements for borrowing and lending term funds (mediumterm and longterm funds). it does not deal in capital goods but is concerned with the raising of According to the study by the Reserve Bank of India on this issue, the outstanding debt of local bodies has increased from Rs.

89. 5 crores in 1951 to Rs. 283 crore by 1965, registering a threefold rise in the process. The Supply of Capital: There are many channels for the supply of funds to the capital market. PESTEL ANALYSIS OF CAPITAL MARKET OF INDIA: POLITICAL: THE capital market of India is very vulnerable. India has been politically instable in the past but it is a little politically stable nowadays. the political instability of the country has a very strong impact on the capital market.

Financial Intermediaries: The fourth important segment of the Indian capital market is the financial intermediaries. This comprises various merchant banking institutions, mutual funds, leasing finance companies, venture capital companies and other financial institutions. These are important institutions and segments in the Indian capital market. Research on the Indian Capital Market: A Review1 S. K. Barua, V. Raghunathan and J. R. Varma A review paper on research done in Article shared by:.

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i)CAPITAL FORMATION: Capital market encourages capital formation as it ensures speedy economic development. The process of capital formation includes collection of saving effective mobilisation of these savings for productive investment.