How to write a believeable villain

A credible villain is simply a character that strives towards things we'd consider" bad". How to Build A Credible Villain Cruella is a fashion designer who wants to make a coat. But because she wants to use dalmations instead of traditional leopard, rabbit, minx, or fox, she is considered evil.

Whoever your villain is, making sure he is believable is far more difficult than simply creating a character who does bad things to hold up your protagonist's progress. You job here is to make your villains credible, logical, and believable, but not likeable. 4 Techniques for Creating Believable Villains By: RoseannBiederman January 25, 2012 The protagonists conflict with an opposing forceusually in the form of another characteris the essence of every novel.

Have the hero and villain meet early on, perhaps before the hero (and readers! ) realize the villain is, in fact, the villain. Show the villain interacting with people besides the hero. Put the villain under different kinds of stress each time they and the hero interact.

Have characters talk about how they view the villain. Writing Tips for Creating a Complex Villain. by Melissa Donovan Mar 1, 2016 Story Writing were the most interesting and the most believable. Tips and Ideas for Creating Villains. the ability to write a complex villain will improve your writing and help you better understand the subjects you write about.