How to correctly write a copyright notice

Apr 01, 2002  Including a notice is a practical help in protecting one's copyright, since it makes the point clear to readers who may incorrectly assume material without the notice is not under copyright, or otherwise misunderstand copyright. And So the important date for copyright purposes is when you first fixed the expression in a tangible format. Having an idea for a book doesnt cut it. You have to write it down (or make an audio recording, etc), and that is the day your copyright begins.

Mr. I on September 04, 2009 12: 23 pm. I do have a copyright note on my blog as well as feeds. A correctly formatted copyright notice on your literary, musical, dramatic or other artistic work shows the public that your work is protected, identifies you as the owner of the work, and ensures that if anyone attempts to publish your work without your permission, that person cannot claim that his infringement of your copyright was You can also, as mentioned above, replace the symbol with the word copyright or a (c) though the symbol is usually preferred.

Bottom Line Since, for most of the world, theres no requirement for there to even be such a notice, theres no Aug 26, 2010 Down the road if a copyright dispute arises, having initially placed a copyright notice on your work could come to your rescue.

Add the copyright notice to your sheet music, photographs, music video clips, website and electronic postings to create an official notice of your copyright ownership.

Even if you are completely unfamiliar with copyright law, youre probably aware that most websites have some kind of copyright notice in their footer and, as such, you probably should too. If you have failed to display a proper copyright notice on works published after March 1, 1989, correct it immediately.

If you are still unsure how, consult a local competent attorney. If you have failed to display a proper copyright notice on works published after between January 1, 1978 and March 1, 1989, there is not much you can do. As the OP indicates, while a copyright comes into being when you create your book, many people feel the absence of a copyright notice means the author is not claiming a copyright for the book.

The Book Designer has several examples of copyright As shown in the above example, the word copyright and the copyright symbol should constitute the first part of your copyright notice.

Following the copyright symbol is the date. You should insert the year in which your work was created (if you are copyrighting a collection of short stories, use the year that the last piece in the Were going to take you through the requirements for your copyright notice, and a nifty JS (or PHP) trick for ensuring that your copyright year is always up to date.

Whats Required? The humble copyright notice is always useful to show in the footer, as a way of stating your claim over a site.