How to write a play review

Your response to the play, but also notice how other audience members respond and the atmosphere of the evening. Technical aspects Ask yourself about the blocking, lighting, stage design, and How to write a play review and how they influence the outcome of the play. Keep in mind that the lights, sound, costumes, etc. How To Write a Theatre Review How to review a play.

Preparing to Write a Play Review; Writing the Review; Preparing to Write a Play Review. Below are some tips to help you prepare to write a play review: The Nature of the Assigment; Before You Attend the Production; Attending the Production. A review should describe the situation of a play without giving too much information about the plot. It should address the production elements individually and how they work together as a whole. It should express an opinion supported by thoughtful analysis.

Sample Professional Play Review Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing one of William Shakespeares most beloved comedies, A Midsummer Nights Dream, performed beautifully at the Los Angeles Repertory Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. Steps for Writing a Play Review. Watch the play. But before doing so, you must gather information about the play and the theater. It should include the backgrounds of the actors and the director, the history of the theater, the general plot of the play you will be watching, and so on.

Watching a play once, and rushing to write a review To write a good review, the author should watch the play and try to understand the directors main idea that was transferred through staging, the actors, and musical accompaniment. The Purpose of a Play Review Play Review Definition A play review is one of the genres that is used for theatrical critique.

The basis of any review is a critical analysis of a performance, movie, or art. The play review is more about evaluation of production than the text of the play. Play Review Outline The New Ensemble HOW TO WRITE A PLAY REVIEW Since plays are meant to be seen and heard rather than read, a play review is very different than a report on the play itself. It requires a discerning eye and active engagement to give constructive feedback as a member of the Play Review Instructions& Format Play Review: Play Title By: FirstLast Name Typed, doublespaced, about 1 page in length, Font: Times New Roman, 12pt.

Paragraph 1: If you dont know how to write a review of a play, this article will introduce you to the basic rules of review writing!

The impetus to creating a review is always the need to express ones attitude towards the read book or a seen play or film.