Bullet trains in india essay

India and Japan signed an MoU on December 12, 2015 for cooperation and assistance in the MumbaiAhmedabad High Speed Rail project, which is commonly referred to as the bullet train. Essay on Bullet Train in India is one of the most hot topic for any selection process. With the promise of Ache Din, Narendra Modi government came up with its first budget sanctioned 200 crores for bullet train project. Bullet trains in India: pros and cons Essay Sample While the country seemed excited when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a diamond quadrilateral of bullet trains to connect the four major cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai in his venture called Smart cities project, critics have a lot to say.

More in images: bullet train japan, japan bullet train cost, japan bullet train speed video, bullet trains, train pictures, high speed rail. Bullet Trains in India is the next dream that the country is living with. The MumbaiAhmedabad High Speed Rail Corridor would run the first ever Bullet Train in India. The under construction railway line is expected to be completed by 2022.

Accident free trains or bullet trains in India Discuss. Railway is perhaps the greatest legacy that British Empire left to India. An Engineering triumph perfectly matched to an epic task of feeding and serving the transportation needs of a sprawling country of more than a billion people. Maglev trains Essay Thesis: Maglev trains will be the future of transportation providing benefits for the environment, society, and economic benefits.

In our world today we have many problems. Problems that we are facing are Indias Railway Minister DV Sadananda Gowda, while presenting the Union Rail Budget, announced a plan of introducing bullet trains. These highspeed trains are expected to connect major metros and growth centres in the country, with the first such service to be launched on the MumbaiAhmedabad route. RE: Bullet trains in India: pros and cons Bullet trains group discion ( ) Bullet trains will be inevitably launched despite politically motivated oppose sooner rather than later and the reason is obvious that it is our necessity.

Pros of Bullet trains: 1. Speed: High speed is one of the biggest reasons for the proposal of this idea when it was first initiated in India. Major cities connecting with towns of economic growth face the problem of fast transportation. This would save time and boost businesses amongst the connected cities.