How to write trance music

Week 1: After a week of writing this, all of the composition majors were ready to scream because it was so limiting if you wanted it to work as music. But when we played them at the piano, dagnabit, by consensus some students attempts WERE more interesting music than others. Lets begin. (Remeber to check out my guide on how to make electronic music as well). The Trance Song Structure. I mentioned bar. Some may wonder what is a bar. 1 bar 4 beats. If you listen to a dance music, you can hear the basskick beating.

Four of those beats forms a bar. Take your favourite dance song and listen to it carefully. Writing a well constructed lead part can really define your trance track. Sitting on top of your bass and other trance parts, your lead sound can help gel everything how to write a trance lead a good lead synth sound is important but so is making it sit well within the rest of your audio and the other parts.

Trance seems to be one of the few remaining areas of music where raw synth sounds and simple melodies still work. Oh, and pads too; Armin van Buuren's DJ sets would be nowhere without them. Pads offer a lush counterpoint to the rigid and solid beats, thus enabling people in a trancelike state to discover new planes of existence (or whatever). Uninhibited by the conscious mind, deep and mystical thoughts can be accessed.

Trance writing is also used by some psychotherapists who think it is a quick way to release repressed memories. There is no scientific evidence that trance writing has any unique therapeutic value. Of course it is nice to be inspired by someone but the time proven that copycats dont get anywhere. If you create something new and you do it right, thats what people will love your music for! For some reason many young new producers aim for achieving fame and completely forget what trance or any music is all about.