How to write and about the author

(5) One or two links: usually the Authors portfolio and a way to contact them through social media (most common is twitter) About the Author I'm the interactive web designer at Sports Illustrated. Take the time to do it right. (You can read my previous article titled" The Relevance of a Professional Author Photo" ) 10.

Browse the Internet and look in the books on your bookshelves for ideas. Especially read the bios of authors who write in your genre. 11. Bonus tip: Read your bio aloud when you finish writing it. You'll know immediately if But in the" About the Author" section of your book proposal you've got to overcome your natural inclination to be reticent.

Come right out and say all the positive things about yourself and your writing credentials that an agent would say When writing a book, there are two potential places to include your author bio: the back cover of the book and the last page(s) of the book.

Some authors choose one or the other, though I recommend taking advantage of both. An author's page, or author's bio, is typically located at the end of a book and is meant to tell readers a little about the author of the book. Many writers choose to write their own bios. An effective author bio is short and highlights basic professional information about the author.

How can the answer be improved? Writing an Author Bio Examples of Professional Bios by Freelance Writing Not only is it useful to know what you need to include in an author bio, it is also useful to see examples of how your vital information should look. Apr 12, 2012 The task of writing an author bio can be daunting because it is more than just information about the author.

It is a crucial element in your branding strategy. How you present the information is as important as what you are presenting. There are key differences to writing an author bio for a fiction book and a nonfiction book. Nonfiction relies heavily on an authors credentials as it pertains to the books subject matter, even if that subject matter is a memoir.

If your book is a contemporary romance novel with a middleaged female protagonist, the personality and content of your author bio will be markedly different from if youre writing about taxdeduction strategies for real estate investors.