Resume references will be furnished upon request

I see this line, " References Available Upon Request"on about 1020 of all the resumes that I review. I used it myself years ago. But almost every resume writer or HR professional I speak to today agrees that it's not needed on your resume anymore.

If you're still using" References Available Upon Request" on your 1) Bad: You use that tired, old resume line, " References provided upon request. " Perhaps you imagine the recruiter is about to toss your resume. But then she reads that line: " Hire him! " she says. " Because he'll provide referencesand References available upon request In todays job market its an absolute must to have references. Thats why this sentence is a fluff and filler.

Furthermore, it wastes precious resume real estate. Because of this, recruiters are very sensitive to this sentence. References Available Upon Request All this phrase really does is take up valuable space. If a company wants to hire you, they will ask you for references and they will assume that you have them. The post outlines five signs that may indicate your resume is out of date. Among them is taking precious page space to indicate that your references are available upon request.

In general, you should try to avoid any statements (such as the references one) that are glaringly obvious. Reference Available Upon Request This line isnt necessary. Do not put Reference available upon request, or the names and contact points of the references themselves, advises Elliot Lasson, executive director of Joblink of Maryland, Inc.

Nov 06, 2009" Furnished upon request" or" Available on request" 6th Nov 09 at 11: 50 PM# 1 I've read example CVs about having the phrase" Furnished upon request" or" Available on request" in the 'Reference' section of the CV. Mar 03, 2007 Best Answer: It means, simply; " references will be available upon request" (usually, after you submit your resume), and the interviewer or a person who is interested in hiring you, will want to do a more throrough background check, will then ask you for your" references".

This is probably a good idea Apr 17, 2008 Hi! I have an interview tomorrow, Friday, April 18 at 11: 30 a. m. at the Tehama County (Red Bluff, California) Department of Social Services for an Office Assistant II position. I want to know from all the human resource managers (directors) and all the bosses of the world if I have a reference page, would you want to see" ; References will be provided upon request on the resume? " References Available Upon Request" Generally, it is assumed that a job applicant will have references.

Instead of including the references on your resume or saying" references available upon request, " you can send the hiring manager a separate sheet of references or wait until you are asked to provide them.