How to write a void check

How can the answer be improved? A voided check is a check that has the word VOID written across the front of the check. The check can be blank or partially written, and the word VOID indicates that the check should not be accepted for payment. However, the check can still be used to get information needed for electronic payments.

Jan 19, 2008 A void check is just one of your checks for the bank (the bank you would like your paycheck to be deposited to) with the word VOID written on it. You should write VOID big to prevent any other use of the check. Write the word" VOID" in large, bold letters across the front of the check. Take up most of the space on the check face to write void. Do not sign the check or make any other marks.

The purpose of providing the check is to ensure the company has the correct account number for direct deposit. If the signature has been made, but the payee line is not filled, write 'void' on the payee line. Writing 'void' in the amount box will also nullify the check. Likewise you can write 'void' on the signature line. Similarly 'void' can also be written on the back of the check.

How to Void a Check Write the word VOID across the front of the check in large letters. Make the letters tall enough and wide enough to cover most of the check.

Use a black pen or marker and write" VOID" in large letters across the front of the blank check. This prevents anyone from filling it out and trying to cash it. Submit your voided check, along with the completed direct deposit authorization form, to your employer.