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Into The Wild Essay Jon Krakauer wrote the book Into the Wild, and it is about a young man named Christopher McCandless who literally takes a journey into the wild. As the book started off it was clearly indicated that McCandless would be The book, Into the wild, a controversial foray into the eccentric life of Christopher McCandless, is a true story based on the life of a young man.

Many readers view Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild shares the frontier theme with these great works of literature that preceded it, one of which (Walden) Christopher McCandless actually takes with him as he" lights out for the territories, " in the words of Huck Finn. Into The Wild. Into the Wild is a popular film, based on a nonfiction novel written by Jon Krakauer, detailing the journey of Christopher McCandless, a young Emory university graduate who hailed from Virginia, and who took a hike in solitude, in an attempt at selfactualization by bonding with nature and seeking spiritual nourishment.

This essay In some ways, Krakauer presents McCandlesss transformation into Alexander Supertramp in this light in Into the Wild: an ambitious young man who erroneously saw himself as an adventurer in the outdoors. Linking hamartia to the fate of a tragic hero is crucial to this interpretation.

Into the Wild, first published in 1996, reconstructs the last two years in the life of Christopher McCandless, a young man from a welltodo Virginia family who was discovered dead of starvation in the Alaskan wilderness in 1992. The bookwhich pieces together a narrative of the last two years of McCandlesss life through interviews, Essay title: Into the Wild In Jon Krakuers novel Into the Wild, the main character, Chris McCandless, seeks nature so that he can find a sense of belonging and the true meaning of who he is.

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