Homework makes children hate learning

Finally someone whos on this side, homework makes kids stressful and tired, its a waste of time and gets kids in trouble for not havng the time to do it. Kids hate homework because they don't like to be at home and be doing work. I mean, it's better for them to do their work at school. I get how you have to practice your math skills, read etc.

but Sep 05, 2006  Kalish teamed with former legal aid attorney and mother of two Sara Bennett to research and write the book, which argues that homework is actually diminishing children's educational experience, turning kids off learning, putting strains on families, turning students into" homework potatoes" and stunting cognitive and social Books like The End of Homework, The Homework Myth, and The Case Against Homework and the film Race to Nowhere make the case that homework, by taking away precious family time and putting kids under unneeded pressure, is an ineffective way to help children become better learners and thinkers.

Still, educators lean on homework, like it's the only way to deliver instruction. 5 reasons homework destroys learning 1 H I have blasted traditional homework for many years in many places, yet this awful practice continues in schools worldwide, stirring a hatred of learning in many children.

View all comments about Homework in our top ten list of Top Ten Reasons Kids Hate School or add a new comment about Homework Learning is about content not method (Encouraging children to write journals as homework has the form of an assignment without the content or the criticalgrading that comes with it). Rote memorization is also usually worthless.

People love learning because it's a survival instinct we're born with. And they often forget they love learning once learning becomes totally associated with school. People hate homework because in most cases it is a waste of time, a boring drill. 20 reasons kids hate homework 1 stresses out me2 not everyone has a computer3 takes too much time to complete4 takes away from my free time5 staying up late makes How to Handle It When a Child Hates Doing Homework. by Karen LoBello. Mar 22, 2013 Once he starts working, stay close to check on his progress and answer questions.

This helps you tune in to what hes learning and makes it easier to communicate with teachers. Children hate doing work they dont understand, and you may not Nov 19, 2012  Homework can make family evenings a misery and instead of it being a chance for family doing it ends up as family stress especially if the child has problems learning. Many parents are simply not capable of helping their children with their homework, which can embarrass both them and their children.